Smith, Fraser, 1951-

Awatea's treasure / Fraser Smith. - 127 pages ; 21 cm - Awatea ; book 1. . - Smith, Fraser, 1951- author Awatea ; book 1. .

Novel for children.

Awatea is staying in the country with his grandparents and uncles next door to Mrs Carol's house, said to be haunted. Awatea's uncles challenge him to spend a night there, but can he do it? Meantime, they go to stay at the beach, where he meets the Rumbles and their talking parrot, Carrot. Awatea and Carrot go exploring, and Carrot takes Awatea to a hidden tree house, reveals a secret and treasure and teases Awatea's uncles. When Awatea returns home, he realises an uncle has set up Mrs Carol's house to make it seem haunted. So Awatea turns the tables and plays a spooky trick of his own.

Primary, intermediate National Library of New Zealand.

Practical jokes--Children's fiction.
Uncles--Children's fiction.
Haunted houses--Children's fiction.

Children's stories, New Zealand.


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