Tightrope /

Marsh, Selina Tusitala,

Tightrope / Selina Tusitala Marsh. - 103 pages ; 21 cm

Cover; Title page; Imprint; Dedication; Contents; Epigraph; I abyss; The Dogs of Talimatau; Apostles; Alice's Chickens; Led by Line; The Blacking Out of Pouliuli (1977); Tantrum Tightrope; Kiwitea Street in the '80s; Le Coup; The dark ground; gafatele; Siren; Discover the question; Explanation of Poetry to My Immigrant Mother; II tightrope; Unity; !; Pussy Cat; Queens I have met; Out of one mountain; Dinner with the King; Whispers and Vanities; Burning hands; Inwood Hill, New York; Before making war; Insurance Broker-Turned-Counsellor-Playwright, Rumba Café; When others glare Subway Lingo from 190th to 42nd StreetSicilian-Hungarian-Jersey-born Tape-Artist, Union City; The New York Times, April 21 2015; The story began; Eviction Notice 113; Essential Oils for the Dying; Bread Bags; Atoll Haiku Chain; Alofa the only; Nadadola Road; Apia Seawall; The genesis of the world; Path; III trick; Believe in the plot; The Working Mother's Guide to Reading Seventy Books a Year; Be afraid of nothing; Like the Time You Were Four; Orange Crayon Stick Figure Man; Marriage; Belief in Jack Kerouac; Lies sometimes; Red Comb; Black White Desiring; In Creative Writing Class Warrior PoetryNever wound; Ka'ena, Leaping Point; Notes

Built around the abyss, the tightrope, and the trick that we all have to perform to walk across it, Pasifika poetry warrior Selina Tusitala Marsh brings to life in Tightrope her ongoing dialogue with memory, life and death to find out whether 'stories' really can 'cure the incurable'. Selina Tusitala Marsh draws on nursery rhymes, riddles, spells, Pasifika chants, popular song, rap; as well as on high modernist and postmodernist literature; to produce a new collection that is spiky and fierce, brash and vital, by turns, comic, irreverent, poignant, rhapsodic, anthemic, confrontational.

New Zealand poetry--21st century.



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