Neale, Kitty,

Abandoned child / by Kitty Neale. - 392 pages ; 19 cm

Ruth has been living the life of a wealthy widow on the Costa Blanca. But the money has run out and she's going to need to provide for herself and her seven year old daughter Penny, an unwanted product of her short and loveless marriage. She ups sticks and returns to Margate, England determined to set up her own business, at any cost. Penny is the last thing on her mind as she throws herself into her new venture, and the poor little girl is left in the care of others, distanced from the cold and uncaring mother whose eyes are on the dirty tricks she's prepared to play to get what she wants. Lorna, Ruth's old friend, becomes everything to Penny, offering the love and attention she should have found with her own mother. For Lorna, Penny is the closest thing to the daughter she has always longer for. But Lorna harbours a devastating secret. Ruth shocks everyone by packing Penny off to boarding school, with little regard for seeing her again. When tragedy strikes, Lorna's cousin Maureen, a feisty ex-stripper from London, comes into Penny's life. It's time for Penny to make her own way in the world, and she bravely decides to move to the big city. She's thrown into the buzzing, grimy but thrilling streets of Soho and a life not so far removed from her past as she might have thought. However, there's a dark side to the new life she is living, and it becomes clear it wasn't just Lorna who had been keeping huge secrets. Huge shocks and difficult times await Penny. She's forced to make the most difficult choices. Can she make it in her new life, alone? Just how much is she her mother's daughter, and what happens when Penny falls for the wrong man?

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Mothers and daughters--Fiction.

Margate (England)--Fiction.
Soho (London, England)--Fiction.

Domestic fiction.


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