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Topical Term:
Ahumahi (Hī ika)
used for/see from:
Commercial fishing
Fishing, Commercial
see also:
Ahumahi (Broader heading)
Hī ika (Broader heading)
Ahumoana (Narrower heading)
Taiapure (Narrower heading)
Details Topical Term 2 records
Topical Term:
Hī ika
used for/see from:
Fishing methods
Methods, Fishing
see also:
Mahinga kai o te wai (Broader heading)
Ahumahi (Hī ika) (Narrower heading)
Hī hākinakina (Narrower heading)
Mahinga ika tūturu (Narrower heading)
Patu tohorā (Narrower heading)
Taputapu hī ika (Narrower heading)
Taunga ika (Narrower heading)
Details Topical Term 6 records
Topical Term:
Pā (Hī ika)
used for/see from:
Fish weirs
see also:
Taputapu hī ika (Broader heading)
Details Topical Term 0 records
Topical Term:
Taputapu hī ika
used for/see from:
Equipment, Fishing
Fishing equipment
Fishing implements
Fishing tools
Implements, Fishing
Tools, Fishing
see also:
Hī ika (Broader heading)
Taputapu (Broader heading)
Aho (Narrower heading)
Kupenga (Narrower heading)
Maehe (Narrower heading)
Matau (Narrower heading)
Matira (Narrower heading)
Mounu (Narrower heading)
Pā (Hī ika) (Narrower heading)
Pīhuka (Narrower heading)
Taotahi (Narrower heading)
Details Topical Term 1 record

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