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Recipes for love and murder / Andrew, Sally,

Whakaputanga: Melbourne : | Scoresby : Text Publishing Company ; | Penguin Books Australia [Distributor] . 378 pages ; 24 cm

What a find! A new voice in mystery novels oh I do hope Sally Andrews writes more stories about Tannie Maria. The review is great and says it all. The recipes kept me wanting to taste the flavours the Tannie Maria talked about. my only wish was that there was a Glossary of the Afrikaans words and their English meanings as i had to try and guess what they were. More please :) Lynne I tāpiritia 18/01/2017 nā Lynne

Whirlwind / Mofina, Rick.

Whakaputanga: North Sydney, N.S.W. : Harlequin MIRA, 2014 . 392 p. ; 17 cm. Rā: 2014

What I enjoy about Rick Mofina's books is how he writes from everyone's perspective, no matter how minor the role. 'Whirlwind' helps you understand how everyone is affected by the disappearance of Jenna Cooper's baby. I tāpiritia 17/01/2017 nā Bee

Touch / North, Claire,

Whakaputanga: . 427 pages ; 24 cm.

Imagine if you can inhabit any body, become anybody, just by touching them... would it be a life worth living? Would there be consequences? Read this book and find out! Fantastic imagination from Claire North and her style of writing is 'literary' amazing! I tāpiritia 17/01/2017 nā Bee

Gardenista / Slatalla, Michelle,

Whakaputanga: . 108 pages : , Includes index. 25 cm

This was a refreshing new look at garden landscapes and wonderful gardens. I would recommend this book to any gardening friends as a great ideas book and coffee table volume which you want to keep picking up to look at. Many are American gardens which we don't usually see. Thanks for purchasing this for the collection. I tāpiritia 19/12/2016 nā Lynne

Days of blood and starlight / Taylor, Laini,

Whakaputanga: London : Hodder & Stoughton, 2012 . 517 p. : , First published in US: N.Y. : Little, Brown. 24 cm. Rā: 2012

A Romeo and Juliet story with magic and beasts! I tāpiritia 14/12/2016 nā Bee

Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children / Riggs, Ransom,

Whakaputanga: Philadelphia, Penn. : Quirk Books, 2011 . 352 p. : 21 cm. Rā: 2011

This is a remarkable story and not just for YA! I tāpiritia 15/11/2016 nā Kath

The Norfolk mystery Sansom, Ian,

Whakaputanga: Oxford : Isis, 2014 . 325 p. (large print) ; 24 cm. Rā: 2014

Unless you speak Latin, this is a very tedious story. I tāpiritia 09/09/2016 nā Kath

The stargazer's sister : a novel / Brown, Carrie,

Whakaputanga: . x, 332 pages ; 22 cm.

This is a novel based on the true story of Carol Herschel the sister of William Herschel astronomer Royal to the King during the 1800s . Carol became an astronomer in her own right and this story informs us of what her life was probably like. I found it engrossing. Superbly written, the descriptions of her surroundings and tenor of life drew you into her world. A brother whose passion for the heavens was so consuming that he had no idea of what he was asking if his sister. They would be up most of the night he watching the stars Carol taking notes of all he saw. Then she ran the household which included men working in a factory making telescopes. This is a book I have recommended to my book club and several friends. I tāpiritia 25/04/2016 nā Lynne

An unholy whiff of death / Cato, Joyce,

Whakaputanga: . 223 pages ; 25 cm.

A nice English mystery, enjoyed the story good to have an unlikely detective in the person of the vicars wife. Happily read more of this author I tāpiritia 25/04/2016 nā Lynne

The unlikely pilgrimage of Harold Fry / Joyce, Rachel,

Whakaputanga: London : Doubleday, 2012 . 296 p. : 23 cm. Rā: 2012

I would recommend this book to friends happily. Harold try's journey is a wonderful story of a man who just walks out to post a letter to an old friend who is dying but he just keeps walking away from a grey stagnant life towards something else. Harold discovers himself along the way and a whole new outlook on life. He decides to walk to his friend a journey from one end of England to the other and sends postcards along the way to keep her alive and waiting for him. His wife left behind has her own demons to get past and through Harold's pilgrimage finds her way forward too.

I tāpiritia 25/04/2016 nā Lynne

Walking on ice / Stevens, Emma,

Whakaputanga: . 227 pages ; , "A memoir of life and love in the Alaskan wilderness"--Cover. 21 cm.

This was an interesting insight into life in Alaska and the education system. It was a little disjointed at times as it moved backwards and forward in time but a nice story of finding love in a digital world.

I tāpiritia 25/04/2016 nā Lynne

First response / Leather, Stephen,

Whakaputanga: . 377 pages ; , "A terrorist threat to the capital, only one man can stop it"-- Cover. 24 cm.

A first class page-turner with a satisfying ending. I tāpiritia 10/04/2016 nā Kath

Still life with bread crumbs / Quindlen, Anna,

Whakaputanga: London : Hutchinson, 2014 . 252 pages ; 25 cm. Rā: 2014

A very good read happy to recommend this book to book clubs and friends, will check what else the library holds of this author. Lynne I tāpiritia 11/11/2015 nā Lynne

The silent tide / Hore, Rachel,

Whakaputanga: . 514 pages ; 24 cm.

A comment on the cover of this book describes it as being "gloriously absorbing and beautifully written...." I agree, it tells the story of Emily in the present day and that of Isabel in 1948 . It was Isabel's story that gripped me most and had me second guessing for much of the book. Wonderfully tied together as the stories both have links to publishing, editors and authors , the lot of women and of course love. A book I will happily recommend to my book group. Lynne I tāpiritia 11/11/2015 nā Lynne

Inside the O'Briens / Genova, Lisa,

Whakaputanga: . 339 pages ; 24 cm.

This novel is an extraordinary look into the lives of a family whose father discovers he has Huntingtons disease . It is a horrific disease with no cure and it is a disease carried in the genes from family member to family member. What would you do if you were diagnosed with this as the main character Joe is? Then the terrible task of telling his children. This book does not wallow unnecessarily but shine a light on the disease and what happens to the person who has it. It also follows one daughter in particular Kate and her struggle to come to terms with it. Do read it we all need to know more about Huntingtons.

I tāpiritia 28/10/2015 nā Lynne

The critic / May, Peter,

Whakaputanga: . 388 pages ; , "An Enzo Macleod investigation"--Cover. | "First published in the USA in 2007 by Poisoned Pen Press"--Title page verso. 20 cm.

An excellent plot but a bit tiring to read with all the French phrases. I tāpiritia 20/10/2015 nā Kath

Dangerous passage : a novel / Harris, Lisa,

Whakaputanga: . 311 pages ; 22 cm.

A good slow mystery well worth a read. I tāpiritia 14/10/2015 nā

Dark heart / Park, Tony,

Whakaputanga: Sydney, N.S.W. : Pan Macmillan, 2012 . 435 p. : 24 cm. Rā: 2012

An historically accurate and horrifying read showing the cruel realities of the world we live in no matter if we are human or animal. A very good read. I tāpiritia 14/10/2015 nā

Ross Poldark / Graham, Winston,

Whakaputanga: London : Pan Books, 2015 . 471 pages ; , TV tie-in. | Originally published: London: Werner Laurie, 1945. 20 cm. Rā: 2015

An historical love novel that is sad in places and it's also a family drama. I tāpiritia 14/10/2015 nā

Traitors in the shadows : an historical novel / Rutherford, Alex,

Whakaputanga: . 362 pages : 24 cm.

Packed with action, battles, history and betrayal. A very good book. I tāpiritia 14/10/2015 nā

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